I am completely in favor of the “treat yo’self” mantra from Parks & Recreation.  Every now and then, you deserve a break and a chance to relax, renew your energy, and be kind to yourself.


Tomorrow I will be fortunate enough to partake in one of the most underappreciated types of vacations: the staycation.

For those that do not know, a “staycation” is a break you take in which you do not leave your town of residence.  Rather than vacating the area, you stay and have your vacation.  Get it?

There are two types of staycations I recommend taking at least once: for tourism and for mental health.


This can be a lot of fun if you have only been in your town for a short time and have not seen much of it.  Take a weekend or a few days and see the most popular tourist destinations in your home.  Mingle with the tourists and talk to people from other places.  Get some life experience, and ask others for recommendations.  You may find out about places you’ve never heard of, and after (re)discovering the amazing parts of your city, you may fall in love with it for the first time or all over again.

You can also get a hotel room in a popular area so you don’t have to worry about driving in busy traffic, especially if you plan to drink.  (Note: NEVER drink and drive.)  You can walk to different shops, restaurants, and bars and just have a great time.  Maybe you will meet people with interesting connections who will get you into speakeasies and other hidden gems.

If you live in a small town, this would be especially fun because you can meet more locals and make new friends, or you can bump into people you already know.  Don’t give yourself a plan; just drop yourself in the middle of town and wing it.  Allow yourself to go with the flow, and you just might find that letting go of control will help your stress and anxiety levels decrease.

If you plan to take the tourist route, I recommend having at least one other person with you.  It can be daunting to do something like this alone, and it is much safer to have a partner.  You can watch out for each other while also maximizing fun because you have someone you already know you like and with whom you’re comfortable.

I like to do this every so often with my friends, and I always have an amazing time and find new places I’ve never been to or never knew about.  I have developed a greater appreciation for my hometown because of this and had countless incredible experiences because of this.


Mental Health

Life can be a bit overwhelming at times.  Between work, school, family, friends, and just the general state of the world, it is easy to feel overstimulated and exhausted.

I personally have not had a real break since last summer because I have been in school and working nonstop, and when I had some down time, I would go out with friends or stay home with family.  Life can be draining, and I personally like some quiet alone time to catch up on rest and recharge my batteries.

I will be spending three days lounging poolside, reading actual books (instead of skimming 20 at a time for school), working out, and relaxing without a schedule.  I am looking forward to spending time with myself and taking care of my mental health before I actually go insane.

This type of staycation really depends on who you are as a person.

Perhaps you enjoy camping and listening to the calming sounds of nature in order to relax and rid yourself of negative energy.  Maybe you are more of a spa and meditation type of person.  Your stress relief may even be boxing and working out your frustration.

The location is not important, and the activity is not important.  All that matters is that you take care of yourself.

You don’t even have to leave the house for this one if you don’t want to do so.  You can simply take a few days off from work, school, everything and focus on your needs alone.

Always remember that your mental health is as important as your physical health, and you cannot neglect your needs and expect to be okay.


Staycations are a less expensive option for getaways, and I will always recommend them for those who want some time away but cannot or do not want to go far.

So go forth and explore, or stay home and enjoy time to yourself.

And remember you deserve to be happy and treat yo’self!


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