Almost three months have passed, and I am finally able to talk about this day, the greatest day of my life.

At the end of last year, one of my closest friends and I found out that tickets to our favorite musical group would be going on sale.  We would have the opportunity to see them in LA in April.  I had been saving up my money for when they would eventually announce their world tour, and it was finally going to pay off.

The tickets sold out in minutes, and neither of us ended up with tickets.  Then my friend found tickets that were being resold and she bought them! So we were going to see them together!

On Sunday, April 2, I got to see BTS.

I was fortunate enough to take an amazing trip to Los Angeles with three of my best friends, and on the day of my show, they went to Six Flags.  In the end, my friend could not go to the show, so I ended up completely by myself on Sunday.

The lines for ticketing and merchandise opened at 8 am.  I took an Uber to the Honda Center and got there around 11.  Naturally, I was wearing my favorite member’s ideal outfit (because of course I would know that).  I walked into the area, stopped, looked around, and was extremely confused.  There were so many lines and no signs, so I just jumped into the first one I saw.  I eventually asked the girls in front of me, and they said they also had no idea.  Then they asked the people in front of them, and we found out it was the merch line.

Cardboard cutouts of the boys.

It was all a mess, but it was a beautiful mess.

I finally found the wristband line.  It was sooo long, and I waited for over an hour.  The two girls behind me began talking, and I found out that one of them was going to the sound check.  Some man who worked there told us that this was the line for sound check but not standing room, and the other girl ended up leaving to find her line, which was supposedly around the corner.

The girl behind me started talking to me and suggested we stick together because neither of us had any idea what to do.  So we got our wristbands and became friends.  Her name was Violet.

Next we had to get in line for sound check, and how close we were to the front of the line determined how close we would be to the stage.  Violet mentioned she had made a friend earlier and maybe that friend would let us join her.  We went around the corner and saw the line went on at least to the end of the building, and then we found her friend, who (if reluctantly) let us join her and her friend.

The four of us became a little group.  I complained about being hungry, and Violet pulled out a box of crackers, some nuts, and a big water, and she shared them all with me.  One of the girls ordered Panda Express while we waited and let us all eat from it.  Violet left the line to use the bathroom, and I gave her money, so she bought me a Bangtan Bomb (a fan light stick, which is important for fans of K-pop groups).


The community was amazing.  While we waited, fan bloggers and fansite runners passed out banners, fan chants, and pictures for free.  A group of girls bought pizza and offered the extra pieces to all of us.  People walked around with trash bags so we did not leave a mess.  Everyone was understanding and kind, and they were truly an incredible bunch.

We finally got to go inside at around 5, and while we waited inside, we all began to cry from excitement and absolute joy.  We watched their sound check.  They did not really interact with us much, but they were very focused.  At one point, a boy yelled “I love you, Namjoon!” and Namjoon (my boy) smiled and laughed.

We had to wait outside for about an hour for the doors to open for the actual show.  I was alone again because I had a seat and my friends were in standing room.  When I went inside, I got a drink and a snack, found my seat, and sat down.

While sitting, I noticed these girls, who were from a fansite, placing colored bags in each seat.  I had a purple one, and it had directions for when to put it on (the encore).

I actually think I blacked out during the show, in a non-scary way, because I was so overwhelmed and excited.  I do not actually remember more than three songs being performed, but what I do remember was so incredible.  I had such high expectations, and they exceeded those expectations.

During the encore, we all put the colored bags on our light sticks.  It seemed like most of the fans had light sticks, and when the lights went down, we made a rainbow.  It was beautiful.


When the boys said goodbye, I remember each of them coming to my side of the stage.  And I took lots of pictures and waved and internally panicked when the love of my life came toward us and waved goodbye.  I felt like he looked at me while waving, which is probably not true, but they turned up the lights so they could see us and we could see them.

After the show was over, my phone was dead, and I was just in shock.  I followed the crowd out of the Honda Center and down the road.  I barely had enough battery to tell my friend I would be at the bus station before my phone died again, and then I waited for him to come get me.

I remember just talking about how amazing the show was but I couldn’t give any details because I couldn’t straighten my thoughts.  I was so out of it, and I could no believe it was real.  For weeks, it felt like a dream.

I still have one of the photocards another fan gave me.  I keep it in my phone.  All of the merch that I bought and was given are in my room, and every time I see them, I still can’t believe it really happened.

I was so lucky to see them, and given the chance, I would absolutely see them again.

Please give me the chance again.


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