I have traveled with quite a few people in my life, including families, friends, and total strangers (who were in my tour group, please don’t worry).

There is one friend, though, with whom I’ve gone to three separate states (two states twice), and we always get along. We have never fought or gotten on each other’s nerves, and she is my favorite person to travel with. If I won a free trip for me and a friend, she would probably be my first choice.

We have been friends for eight (or maybe nine?) years now, and we’ve been on two trips to California, two to Utah, and one to Hawaii together. Through all this, we have never had any issues with each other.

Side note: For some reason, even though we’ve been on so many trips together, we have hardly any pictures together, so it took me a reeeally long time to find these.

We went to Hawaii with another dear friend to celebrate our high school graduation.


We went to Six Flags Magic Mountain in California in 2014.


About a week or two before Christmas in 2014, we went back to California and visited San Francisco together. This is the only trip we’ve taken alone, and it was so much fun!


In the summer of 2015, we went to Utah with another wonderful friend to visit a different amazing friend.


Just last month, we were in Utah again together (although we technically didn’t go together; we were there separately).


Going out of town with her has honestly been some of the best times I’ve ever had, and I’m really grateful to have had those experiences with her.  Hurting our bodies while learning to surf in Hawaii, almost drinking bees at Six Flags, building up our thigh muscles in San Francisco, falling in love with a consignment store, and watching one of our best friends get married.  We’ve done so much together, and I’m really looking forward to seeing where else we end up!

(Also I love you, bye)


3 thoughts on “Travel Buddy

  1. Aww I love you, you are such an enjoyable travel companion! We really need to get better at taking pictures during our trips, because without pictures, did it really happen? 😛


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