I write this as I’m supposed to be packing for cold weather.

If you’re like me, you’re from a place that does not get extremely cold and you probably do not know how to deal with things like snow and ice (yuck).

One of the best tips I can offer is this: Always layer!

You should have multiple types of tops, a few types of pants, and multiple lengths of socks. Don’t pack what would be extraneous and instead focus on what you would actually use and wear. If you have a gigantic, warm jacket but know that you hate dragging it along, leave it at home and instead layer up.


A favorite style of mine is wearing a long-sleeve shirt or turtleneck underneath a simple t-shirt. It’s still fairly light and won’t make you appear bulky, while also supplying you with extra warmth. This is also a good indoor style because it may still be a bit chilly inside but hopefully not nearly as cold as outside. When you have to brave the arctic tundra, you can easily throw jackets on top and take off layers as you get warmer.

I also am a big fan of sweaters. If you’re planning on playing in the snow or spending an extended amount of time outside, a sweater will help keep you warm and limit the amount of layers you need. You can also add a tank top underneath for additional warmth in the middle of your body.


Sweatshirts are everything. Big, puffy jackets are always nice in the freezing weather, but again, they can just take up unnecessary room if you won’t be staying outside for long. I suggest that you bring a lighter sweatshirt or hoodie as well as a thicker, warmer sweatshirt to throw over it.

Again, the key is being able to add layers or remove them as your body changes. Constantly and drastically changing your body temperature (for example, by wearing a thick jacket in the freezing cold and then keeping it on in a warm house) can shock your body.


I personally am a fan of jeans. They’re easy, and you can go a few wears between washes, which makes them ideal for travel. If you have fairly tight-fitting jeans, tights can be a light, warmer layer underneath. Don’t forget that you will still be cold just in jeans!

If you have slightly looser jeans (and especially if you’re going to be in the snow), wear leggings underneath. It adds so much warmth, and I always do this in the winter when I work late shifts and I know it will be cold.


Socks, socks, and more socks!! Long, thick socks for sleeping and short socks under long, thick socks for outdoor activities. Calf-length socks are good for daily wear, as they provide warmth without being too bulky.


Two words: rain boots. If you’re going to play in the snow, rain boots are perfect because they are waterproof and often provide traction in otherwise slippery conditions. You can also keep warm shoes like slippers or fuzzy boots in the car so you won’t have to worry about your wet feet sliding off the pedals (but please don’t wear anything fuzzy in the snow, as the snow will melt and soak into them, making them not only freezing cold but also heavier).

As usual, I always recommend packing a pair of sneakers for utility.


The one major tip I want to offer is this: Do not pack anything that you will not use or wear! If you do, you’re just going to take up unnecessary room that could be used for even more layers that you will actually use.

Stay smart, stay safe, and slow down on snowy and icy roads.


One thought on “What to Pack: Cold Weather

  1. This is exactly what I needed to read right now. I am struggling to figure out what to pack for Utah tomorrow. I am always thankful for tips on how to keep warm! ❤ 😀


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