I want to live all over the world, but I will more than likely return to the United States.

I can’t promise that though. I might find some place where I belong.

I decided long ago that I would see the world, but I only recently started to plan for living elsewhere. It had always been a dream, but it seemed unlikely and unfeasible. Since I have found that I can realistically teach English throughout the world, I have begun planning for all the different places I want to live.

South Korea

Quite obviously, my first choice is South Korea, and that is my first destination. I’ve been considering where I could teach, and since I watch a lot of YouTube videos about teaching in Korea in order to gain more information so that I can better prepare myself, I managed to find some really great tips. Alex from Ninja Teacher pointed out something I never thought about, which is that everybody applies for jobs in Seoul because it is well-known so it is more competitive and difficult to get a job. Because of this, I started looking into other cities.

The only reason I actually know about any cities other than Seoul is because I learned from which cities the members of BTS moved, and I want(ed) to visit all their hometowns.

The main cities outside of Seoul that I know are Busan, Gwangju, and Daegu. I wanted to go to Daegu because it was a big city and it would probably be easier for me to adapt because I live in a fairly large city with a comparable population size; I didn’t know anything about Busan except that it was a coastal city; and I knew (and continue to know) next to nothing about Gwangju.

According to Alex from Ninja Teacher, Gyeonggi-do is a great place to apply for teaching jobs. Gyeonggi consists of satellite cities surrounding Seoul, so they are like little towns that are connected to the capital. Simply just looking at the job board on a recruiting website will show how much more likely it will be to find a job there, as most posts were from Gyeonggi.

I’ve actually started doing a bit of research on cities outside of Seoul, and I think I would want to live in Busan the most. It’s beautiful and full of delicious food and interesting destinations, and I have always lived in the desert, so I think it would be new and exciting to live near the sea.

I would really like to live in multiple cities while I’m in Korea, but at the very least, I will visit a bunch of places during my vacation days. I actually have a list in my phone of places I want to visit, including K-Star Road in Gangnam, and I can’t wait to see how long the list gets by the time I actually go. I’ll have a bunch of places to visit if/when people come to stay with me.


Of course, Japan has to be on this list. Before I wanted to travel to South Korea, I planned to go to Japan. Because I watch a lot of anime, I found myself interested in seeing these incredible cities. I really wanted to go to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Shizuoka. Also because of my interest in World War II, I have always wanted to see Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Even before I got into anime, I wanted to go there.

Once I can speak Korean well and somewhat-fluently, I am going to work hard to learn Japanese, though I have already started to pick up different phrases and words. The written language(s) will be a whole different beast to conquer, so I don’t know how well that will go.


I don’t know a whole lot about Chinese culture, but I’m more familiar with Chinese than any other Asian food. I like the sound of Mandarin because it seems so drastically different from both Korean and Japanese, and though it will probably be significantly more difficult to read than Korean and Japanese, I really want to learn it. I also want to learn Cantonese. It probably won’t be quite as useful as Mandarin, but I am interested in both and I want to see the differences between them, so I will study Cantonese after I know the basics of Mandarin.


Yes, Vietnam. I am starting to branch out and try the food, and so far, I have found that I could eat pho forever. I think the country is beautiful, and the written language interests me because it uses Roman-like letters but is slightly different. Teaching jobs in Vietnam would probably be very interesting and different from the other countries I want to visit.


Maybe not specifically Spain, but a Spanish-speaking country. I am more familiar with North American Spanish, and I have heard that Spain has a different style of Spanish, so I’m not entirely sure how easy it would be for me to assimilate. I have studied Spanish since high school, but I am significantly better at reading and writing than speaking. I could potentially teach English, but if I were to do that, I think I’d want to go to Chile or Argentina. Those countries have always interested me. I definitely want to visit Spain, but I don’t think I would live and teach there.


Of all the international locations I have visited, I found Italy to be the most beautiful. The buildings, the scenery, even simply the streets were breathtaking, and I could spend hours just walking around and enjoying the view. I absolutely want to move there, and teaching English would be absolutely enjoyable. Because of my knowledge of Spanish, I could understand the gist of street signs, but I definitely want to learn to speak Italian before I return.

I would move to Florence in a heartbeat. What an incredibly beautiful city! When I managed to get myself and my friend lost in Florence, I wasn’t even upset because it was so incredibly gorgeous.


I really want to travel to Germany. The buildings are amazing, and though the language sounds somewhat scary to me (Sorry, but it is a little intimidating), I would like to learn it. It has a lot of similarities to English, and because I want to learn Anglo-Saxon or Old English, I think it would be really interesting to compare the three.


I absolutely, absolutely want to visit Iceland. I have never been so far north, and I’m curious about what it’s like there. It will probably be super uncomfortable for me because I’m not even sure how to act in an inch of snow, so I can’t actually imagine what it would be like for me there. I’m curious about the language, though I know very little about it, but I know that English is part of the school curriculum, so it would be possible to find a teaching job. Frankly, my interest in Iceland (as well as Greenland) comes from my favorite movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which is partially set in both countries.

There are many, many more countries that I want to visit, but these are the ones that stand out most at the moment. Altogether, I mentioned eight new languages I want to learn. Hopefully I will be able to speak all these languages within my lifetime, but at the very least, I am going to learn Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, and German and improve my Spanish-speaking skills.

I can’t wait to see the world.


Secret Life of Walter Mitty image from Chanoux Stories.

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